How to Choose a UK Institution for Postgraduate Study

Choose a UK Institution for Postgraduate Study

This article is about How to Choose a UK Institution for Postgraduate Study: Every educational institution in the United Kingdom has its own set of strengths. Your task is to locate the school, college, or university whose qualities best match all of your requirements.

Where should I study?

When selecting an institution, think about what you hope to gain from your time in the UK.

It will be necessary to conduct some study and ask numerous questions. Don’t limit yourself or the chances available to you by simply applying to institutions you’ve heard of, perhaps because others have attended.

You might wish to ask yourself and others some of the questions listed below to help you determine where you should study.


Obviously, the course of study you select is critical. You should be enthusiastic about the subject but also confident about how you will be evaluated.

  • What kind of program are you looking to do, a pre-degree course, a bachelor’s degree, or a master’s degree?
  • What kinds of courses are offered at various institutions?
  • What types of instruction will you employ during the course?
  • What criteria will be used to evaluate your progress?
  • Will employers in your nation recognise your qualification?
  • What are your choices for paying your fees?
  • Is it accredited by reputable bodies if it’s a private institution?

Number of students

Whatever institution you choose, you’ll need an excellent command of the English language; check with each university or college to see what IELTS score they demand for admission to their programmes. Do they accept WAEC or NECO?

You might feel more at ease in a smaller, more intimate setting, or you might like to be surrounded by a diverse group of individuals. Consider the following questions:

  • What is the total number of students at the institution?
  • What percentage of pupils are international?


It’s also crucial where you reside — don’t move to a small, remote town if you’re prone to homesickness, for example!

Think about what you want from your environment.

  • Is it a little town or a big city?
  • What are the living costs in other parts of the UK like?
  • How easy would it be for you to travel throughout the United Kingdom from where you will be living?
  • Will you be able to find a place to stay near the college?
  • Which type of lodging would you prefer?

Facilities and Support

Various sorts of assistance may be available to you during your stay, and it’s vital to know where to look.

  • Is there a career centre where you may get assistance in finding part-time work?
  • Is there any part-time work available for students at the college?
  • What sports will you be able to participate in at college or in your community?
  • What social activities are available to students?
  • Will you be able to get free counselling if you require it?

Arrival Orientation

You don’t want to feel lost when you first arrive in the United Kingdom. Your institution is responsible for providing you with necessary support throughout your stay.

  • Will you be greeted by someone when you arrive in the United Kingdom?
  • When you first arrive, will the institution be able to assist you?


Internships and study programmes are both available at some institutions.

  • Is an internship important to you, and does your school provide such opportunities?

Open Days

If you’re still hesitant, go have a look for yourself if it’s possible. Open days are a terrific way to tour a college campus and get a feel for the place. Despite the fact that colleges will be on their best behaviour for that day, there will be plenty of tutors and counsellors on hand, so feel free to ask as many questions as you like.

Open days are typically scheduled during slower times of the year, such as the summer, so campuses are generally quieter than they are during the school year. Still, it’s a fantastic opportunity to evaluate if you enjoy the college and think you’d fit in.

Find out about forthcoming open days for potential students by looking through our list of open days at UK institutions.

Virtual tours are available on certain university websites, allowing you to get a feel for the campus without having to visit in person. Take virtual tours of UK universities and university colleges with our A–Z of UK universities and university colleges.

So, f you’ve been wondering How to Choose a UK Institution for Postgraduate Study, this is it. If you would like BISC to process your admission and visa application free of charge kindly contact us today.

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